AP Calculus BC reviews and extends concepts from AP Calculus AB using a curriculum more extensive than AP...

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AP Physics 1 & AP Physics 2 are college-level courses providing an introduction to the principles of Physics,...

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Our AP Chemistry online tutoring course is geared towards motivating the students to develop interests in Chemistry, and...

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Our Comprehensive AP Biology test preparation program includes all...

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Environmental Science

Our award winning development team creates personalized digital experiences

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Computer Science

Our products are created on time, and to your exact specifications

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"Miss H is a very caring and very understandable teacher as she teaches me. She makes me understand very well and if i don't she double checks and reexplains it so i can understand easily. If there is any problem miss would cheer me up and make me feel happy. When miss Hemlata is teaching you would feel excitement when she is teaching because she make learning in a way very fun. The example that she gives you will just stick in your mind and never be forgotten cause she relates that example in a real life situation. "

AH | New York, USA

"For the past few months of you all(Mr. A, Ms. H and Ms. S) teaching me, I can only commend you and thank you very much for all of the time and endeavour you have put into teaching me! You have already taught me so much and made me see a different perspective in all subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, which has benefited me so much! Furthermore, your way of teaching is like none other I've ever encountered; you really put things into perspective and help visualize the hardest things, always making sure that I understand it. Thank you all so much for being such astonishing teachers, albeit you feel more like friends to me

MS | Preston, England, UK